Nursing Care

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What we do

Home Care Company performed by qualified nurses in the area of Cascais.

Focused on young-adults, adults and elderly population, in need of Nursing Care in the comfort of their homes.

Does not exempt the continuous monitoring with doctors and/or with other health professionals.

Nursing Care

What sets us apart

Counting with a team of Health Professionals with a degree in Nursing and professional experience in the fields of General Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing and Psychogeriatric, Podiatry and Home Care.

This company distinguishes itself by providing nursing services to those who need it, in the comfort of their own homes, avoiding the time-consuming and often complex travels to public or private health institutions.

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About Us

Providing Home Care Services to the patient with continuous education, guidance and support to the client and his/her family.

Caring the person as a holistic human being. Prioritizing the quality in the service provided and in the human care, with the purpose of working in the prevention of active aging and improvement on quality of life.

Reference company with domain on the Home Care Service, intended in improving the quality of life of the client and his/her family, promoting the integration in social life and avoiding the institutionalization.

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